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03 December 2010 @ 04:32 pm
wishlist 2010  
I guess people are doing the "ten things I want for my holiday of choice" meme, which I always like because then I can make things for people. So here's mine, in hopes that it will help anyone who for whatever reason wants to give me a gift. :) Nothing is expected, anything is appreciated, etc etc.

1. (here's the big ticket) a replacement roommate so I can go home and not have to beg people for money/ sell my bagpipes for January rent.
2. new music to listen to, holiday-themed or otherwise
3. Marvel trade paperbacks
4. Harry Potter, Excalibur/Captain Britain & MI-13, or Daredevil icons (I like simple, vivid images with a lot of stark shadow or colour)
5. fanfic/art of any of the above, as well as Misfits (which I haven't watched yet but am planning to), Supernatural (which likewise I will be catching up with soon), or Bad Machinery (because I forgot to request it for Yuletide).
6. for all of you to have a fantastic holiday season, whatever you do for it.
7. links to any particularly striking winter-themed (or seasonal in general; I'll use them all eventually) photographs/artwork, particularly of the 1280x800 size or larger
8. food items of any delicious sort
9. paid dreamwidth account (mine expires in three days D:)
10. peace on earth, goodwill toward men, a government that isn't full of fail (hey, a boy can dream)

You should all post your own! :D
to the tune of: Christmas Lights - Coldplay